Places I’d like to visit

Late night post you guysss Hey everyone! How has your half term been? Sadly, we are going back to school on Monday but at least I'll get to see all my mates again right?! Today, I thought I'd write yet another list of places I'd love to visit because we all have one in our... Continue Reading →


50 questions you’ve never been asked

Heyy again. I've done another tag and I'm not sure I'm gonna stop. This is a YouTube tag I found here. I'm literally not going to say anything here because this consists of 50 questions and I don't think there's room for intro rambling so let's goooo! 1.What's your favourite candle scent? Probablyyy apple and... Continue Reading →

13 things before 13…

Hey everyone! If you hadn't noticed, or if you have just started reading my blog and you're new here, well yeah, I'm going to be 13 this year *whoop*, yes mum, you're old now. So I thought, why not make another list (because we love them here) of things I'd like to try and achieve... Continue Reading →

New Year,,New Me?

Hey everyone, happy New Year! Do you believe in the saying 'New Year, New Me'? I don't. I just know it as a saying really. Like it's just something everybody seems to say every single year. I mean it's weird because you're not literally transforming into someone new every single year of your life are... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year❤️

It’s the end of the year guys. It's seriously that time again. Already. I know every year you hear people saying things like “oh my, that went by so quickly!” But to be honest, I think it really actually did this time, considering what’s happened with me this year compared to other years. I have... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas<3

Merry Christmas Eve guys! Wow this year has gone by pretty damn quick like wow! I can't believe we're already here at Christmas again. This is no joke going to be the shortest post ever to be read on my blog. You'd probably think it should be the longest on my blog but I think New... Continue Reading →

My goals for the New Year

Hello everybody! Today I've decided to give you guys a little insight into how exactly I'd like to start off 2018 and what I'd like to leave behind in 2017. I didn't have a post up on the 21st, in case you didn't see my Instagram story, because it was my birthday and I didn't... Continue Reading →

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