Social Media Detox pt.2 – the update❤️

Note: First posted on the 16th of June

“Bloom where you are planted🌻” 

So if you read my last post, you will know that I went off social media for a week in order to clear my mind for a bit. I said I’d start on Monday and finish the next but I ended up adding a day because I happened to spend the whole of Tuesday on Snapchat (don’t ask me how) because I ‘forgot’. You’re probably not buying that last bit at all, are you? But hold up: How cute is this post’s picture?! I put it in after the quote and I have just clicked on (ahah that’s me all the time, ask anyone).

I can’t lie at all – it really wasn’t that hard. Apart from Tuesday, it wasn’t really as much of a ‘struggle’ as I thought it be. But I think I know why it wasn’t. It’s not because I had at the back of my mind that I wanted to take a break anyways, I think it might have been the fact that I replaced social media with something that I loved – all things blogging! Instead of scrolling through my Insta feed as normal, I spent my spare time reading all your lovely blogs, finding new ideas for blog posts, tips on my photography game and stuff like that. My mum told me earlier that I haven’t been detoxing so much because instead of cutting out social media and stuff, I have just basically replaced it to occupy myself. She said it’s basically like helping someone quit drugs by giving them alcohol instead to sustain them. I totally get that but at the same time, I don’t totally agree ? I mean true about the alcohol thing ~ that’s deep. But I don’t look at blogging as a way to occupy myself because I am trying to stay away from social media for a bit. I looked at it as getting off social media to make more time for something I love❤️

So that’s that. I kind of enjoyed this detox and I wouldn’t at all mind to do it again (just keep me away from the Snaps, ok?). I couldn’t find any of those apps I talked about on my last post on my phone but I found some a while ago on my tablet for some reason. So I just turned notifications off and put all the apps into a folder then stayed away from it. Also I got back on WhatsApp because we all know that it isn’t social media. I am going to be spending a bit of time on my blog now ~ changing stuff up and all so it may or may not look slightly different. I DON’T KNOW!😊 That’s the round up for today guys! I hoped you enjoyed and be sure to let me know in the comments whether you would ever do this or not because I’d love to support you if you choose to!

MyGirlBlogger, Forever Online xxx

going with that 👆 now x
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