The Polaroids and the memories…

Note: First posted on the 4th of April 2017

“I had a dream, we were back to seventeen, summer nights and the liberties, never growing up. I’ll take with me, the Polaroids and the memories, but you know I’m gonna leave behind the worst of us” Have you heard that song? ‘It ain’t me’ by Selena Gomez.

Today’s post is going to be about memories – my favourite memories, what I love about them and how I like to keep them (I bet you know what the answer to that is xD ). Let’s get straight into it xxx

My Favourite Memories

  1. When I was in year 2 – primary school – we went to New Brighton. If you were in my class then then you will remember this too. New Brighton is absolutely beautiful and it’s a shame I got to share it with my best friends and didn’t even get to take any photos. Although there are no photographs to remember New Brighton with, I will always remember it because it was a special day I shared with some of my closest friends. My favourite part of New Brighton was walking along the pier with my teacher telling me all about the things in New Brighton. Hopefully I will be going to New Brighton this summer and this time I definitely be taking pictures to remind my of how gorgeous it is there!
  2. When I was 5, I travelled abroad for the first time for my Uncle’s wedding. Yes, he is reading this right now, I just know it 🙂 . I woke up so so early (I was that excited!), but my mum doesn’t agree with that fact. She says that I was so tired and wouldn’t get up but trust me, I remember it clearly, I definitely did! Anyways, I was so so excited because I had never been on a plane before. My favourite part about travelling, and it still hasn’t changed, is the airport bit. All the shops, the amount of busy people on the go, the souvenirs, the coffee…Is that the same for you? Comment down below! I was also extremely excited about meeting my extended family for the first time in person as we always used Skype. This time we did get pictures (obviously!) and they were beautiful. It was really my first time for a lot of things – it was ALSO my first time attending a wedding and I was more excited than anything! It was amazing and one of my best memories!
  3. My 11+. OK, so some people might think why on earth is doing an exam a memorable memory? Well for me, it’s different. I didn’t consider the exam as a difficult, life changing test, I looked at it as my first stepping stone to an extremely bright future! I studied a LOT for this exam, but the fact that I had travelled abroad a couple of years ago before coming back to the UK and learnt pretty much everything that was in the exam, did in fact give me an advantage! It is kind of hard to explain still how this is a memory to me but it just is, if you understand. Comment below if you did the 11+ and if you are in/going to a grammar school. And now you know how old I am!

What I love about unique souvenirs and photographs

I have said memories so many times now and I am going to say it a lot more so I decided to replace it with ‘photographs’ in the sub-title. I love souvenirs and pictures so much because if you keep them properly, you can have them forever and when you look at them, they suddenly gain the ability to transport you to a past world – to a moment you felt like joy was endless, days when you prayed that the day would never come to an end. They take you back to the times when you laughed like there were no boundaries, when you scoffed down a buffet of Christmas dinner effortlessly and carried on going because you just couldn’t stop. It’s amazing how inexplicable it is to explain what photography means to people. That’s just a summary of the message the word ‘memories’ sends to me.

How I keep special days a treasured memory

So now you know a few of my fave memories, I am going to talk about my how I like to keep them. If you have been reading my blog for a bit now, you know exactly what’s about to hit you… photographs!!!!!

What comes to mind when you hear the words photograph or photography? Sandy feet on the beach with the ocean in view, a flawlessly blended smoothie in a gorgeous glass, a perfectly timed high-speed photo. For me, everything you could possibly imagine.

Sometimes, maybe if I am at a friends house with other friends or I have just seen the perfect picture opportunity of pillows and duvets scattered all over the floor after a sleepover, I will whip out my phone and snap it really quickly in case it gets ruined and it’s impossible to put back together. Does anyone else get really upset when they miss an ultimate photo moment to maybe the wind or carelessness? *frowns because that’s just me all the time*

OK so this doesn’t happen all the time but you know what I mean, right? I keep my memories by snapping photos at just the right time so they look beautiful but also hold a special day still for eternity

And that brings us to a halt for the day. Thank you for reading and I am so sorry this turned out such a long post. But if you liked it please give it a thumbs up, I’d really appreciate that! I promise to do a Q&A post once I have enough questions so ask away! Enjoy your Easter!!!!

Thank you lovely lot again,

MyGirlBlogger xoxo

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