How are you counting down the days?

Guys guys guys guys! It’s December! IT IS DECEMBER ALREADY!!!! Can you actually believe?

There are many many ways to count down to Christmas – but the old chocolate advent calendars will always stick around don’t worry. And the fact you can get them for like 10p after Christmas is just amazing. I have seen so many different ways people are counting down and I thought they were all just amazing ideas. A lot of them are just the classic advent calendar with the doors you pop open but with some twists.

There’s the Yankee Candle Advent Book that a good friend recommended to me last year with 24 different sized ‘mini’ candles in all sorts of scents. When I checked this in November, it was already sold out. If you know me  well, I always always always have at least one candle burning in my bedroom. So to own 24 different candles at once is just a miracle in it’s own. I’m not entirely sure what your room will smell like though. That’s up to you to find out.

Then there’s Zoella’s advent calendar which I’m not actually afraid to say, was a little bit of a disappointment to a large amount of people. There were a lot of negative reviews on this product mainlyyy on the price but also what’s in it. For starters, there are only 12 doors on the product which is a bit of  a shame because it’s not a true countdown if it’s not the full thing. Then the calendar only has 3 of her actual products, and the other 9 are things which you can find on Amazon for literally 77p (I’m not even joking go and have a look). The fact that it’s £50 is absolutely crazy and after Boots got all these bad reviews, they quickly slashed it down to half price. I’m not here to throw shade as I love Zoe’s products but this is just one thing that wasn’t really the best.

There’s also mason jar advents which I personally think are the cutest and funnest ways to count down. It’s so amazing how you can get a massive mason jar and completely fill it to the brim with all your favourite treats (you can also have more than one a day…). You can customise it as much as you’d like and make it match your area’s theme! How amazing is that?

You can wrap up 24 mini presents and keep them under the tree or hide them around the house for someone to find everyday. I  mean how fun is that? They get to ‘prepare’ for Christmas and it’s a lovely way to get into the festive spirit!

However you do Christmas, and however you do the big countdown, each way is special and fun in it’s own way! How do you countdown for Christmas and how are you going to do it this year? Have a lovely day today guys,

MyGirlBlogger, Forever December xxx


9 thoughts on “How are you counting down the days?

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  1. Zoellas calendar was super disappointing, but there are other YouTube and beauty ones which are ace!! Personally, I’m sticking to a Thornton’s advent calendar, and a virtual advent calendar which cost me £3! You can read about it in my blogmas day 2 post. You’ve got such a lovely blog and I’m really glad I followed😘😘

    Soph xx

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