Why Christmas isn’t just about the presents ~ w/ Rosinalee

Christmas. What does that mean to you?

Advent calendars, snow, new clothes, the latest iPhone, a whole new set of designer shoes and towers of expensive makeup? Gift buying, gift receiving – it’s all amazing when you think about it isn’t it? But have you ever truly stopped to think about the real reason behind Christmas?

Todayyy I’m back to you doing a collab post with amazing Rosinalee (one of my favourite bloggers and internet friends) to have a chat with you guys about what Christmas is past the prezzies. Let’s be honest here, we probably say presents as our first three words at the thought of Christmas. But to be real, do you ever actually think about the ‘why?’ part of the holiday?

Remember when you were little (or probably even still) and you’d whip out the paper and scissors from the cupboard and start making snow flakes and paper chains, counting down the days till Christmas? And endlessly listening to all sorts of Christmas music till you’re tired of it. And spending the days with your friends and fam and laughing till you cry. And let’s not forget the conversations we’ve had over piles of food at the table and how we’ve managed to have cake and chocolate for breakfast. That homely feeling you get when you are snuggled in with everybody and watching allll the movies. It’s amazing isn’t it? That Christmassy feel. Notice I didn’t mention anything about unwrapping gifts and trying out your new outfits right? Because you can have an amazing time without presents. I’m not saying ditch the presents or anything, but I’m just trying to say don’t make it the main part of Christmas.

It’s a little bit of a shorter post today but that’s alright! I hope to see you guys for my next post and have a lovely day! Also, if you wondered where I get my Christmas photos from, they are all probably either from Pixabay, or the odd one might have been taken by me. Pixabay have the best photos all year round for whatever you need!

MyGirlBlogger, Forever December xxx

p.s. What’s your favourite way to spend Christmas?


9 thoughts on “Why Christmas isn’t just about the presents ~ w/ Rosinalee

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  1. Cool post! I think, and this is my opinion, that Christmas is about Jesus being born. It isn’t about the presents or the food. I think that you should focus on the people too. This is just my opinion.

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      1. Yes! I think the same way, and I try to remind people that Jesus is the reason for the season. Will you check out my blog??

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