Xmas Playlists w/ DaisyChainDreaming

You’re tired of these , I know. But you’re reading so ha.

Bonjour hola hello Auf wiedersehen…

How’s everybody doing? Bet you didn’t know I speak 4 different languages – in my dreams.

Today I am giving you my ‘Top 10’ Christmas Playlist!!!!!!!!!! – come on cheer up.

This is obviously going to be the best one yet because it’s Christmas we’re on about here and I’m doing it with one of my closest internet bffs Daisy Chain Dreaming so it’s going to be flipping awesome. She’s going to be posting tomorrow guys by the way (she’s doing 12 days of Christmas on every other even day of the month) and she’s killing it already so you better be catching up on what you’ve missed! Let’s be real – you’ve already made one of these lists 2 months ago, yeah? I see you.

Okay I’m not going to talk too much so lezz go>>>


Last Christmas – Ariana Grande

There are like a million versions to this song, but Ari’s got me. My favourite version used to be Taylor Swift’s when I was like 6 and I even proceeded to singing it in front of my family but then actually forgot on Christmas day. But then I heard Ariana’s and she was like ‘move over hun’.

All I Want For Christmas – Mariah Carey

Right so I used to absolutely love this song, and I still love it don’t get me wrong. Thing is, I can’t remember all the words like I used to and it annoys me. Like I know the main chorus bit, and that’s it XD

Wit It This Christmas – Ariana Grande

‘Cause why the heck not.

Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

Not gonna lie guys, this is low-key my fave. Literally, it’s sooooooooo good!

Jingle Bell Rock


Feliz Navidad


Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Do you get that these songs are supposed to be here?

It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

Mmm hmmm

Pillowtalk – Zayn

A twist don’t you think?  Honestly whenever I hear this it makes me think of Christmas – I don’t know how – and it didn’t even come out then. Oh well, it’s my playlist, my rules.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


Let It Snow

bet you didn’t realise this is number 11 on the list


What do you think? Leave a comment on whatever you like! Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for Daisy Chain Dreaming’s post tomorrow!!  Have a lovey rest of your day you lot,

MyGirlBlogger, Forever December xxx


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