The Things I love About Christmas

How are we all today?!

Many of us can agree that Christmas is a magical time of year, and a pretty exciting one too. There are so many things about it that I love, but I can only name so many in a go. Sit back, legs up, get cosy and sip your hot chocolate – because it tastes better that way. Get ready!

I love how everything’s suddenly white and bright, even though outside it’s dark

The look of untouched blankets of snow 

Movies and breakfast in bed feels totally necessary

The excitement of opening presents

Wearing fluffy socks and having a long lie-in

Warm jumpers and huge coats

The sudden urge to go out with friends to have a look at the new Christmas season 

The gloves, the beanies, the infinity scarves and the boots

Taking a relaxing bath with the best bath bombs

Finding the perfect reads

Christmas Shopping 

Waking up and having no school

Watching the snow outside your window

Spending it with friends and family

The fact that my Birthday’s so close


Fairy lights

Lighting up the tree on cold nights

Looking at old photos and taking new ones

Cheesy grins and Polaroids

The Music

Getting out all the decor for the house

All the blog posts in bed and vlogs with breakfast

The smell of freshly baked ginger breads with candy canes


Forever changing screen backgrounds to get through all the Christmassy ones

Changing diaries and calendars

Writing Christmas Lists of things you probably won’t get


MyGirlBlogger, Forever December xxx


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