What to buy for your Secret Santa

This year is going to be my first year of ever doing Secret Santa so I decided I might give you some ideas I came up with to give to my Secret Santa. We are doing our Secret Santa for our whole form this year and mine is a girl (which makes it a whole lot easier).  I’ve come up with a whole lot of ideas for her and I’m sorry, but there ain’t gonna be a boy version to this because I literally have nothing. Sorry lads.

I might not end up getting these, or I might even change my mind completely once I post this, but here are some ideas for those of you who aren’t too sure what direction to go in.

  • Dream Snatcher Balancing Sheet Mask from Primark
    • Primark do all sorts when it comes to sheet masks. They have all different patterns and designs for whatever suits your mood, whenever. Plus all the different masks do all different things for different skin types. You’ve got some for people with oily skin and some for just pure calming you down and releasing stress…
  • Saffron Barker ‘offline’ sleeping mask from Primark
    • I know I definitely want one of these and the fact that it’s grey has definitely got my fanning over it.
  • Yankee candle – Cranberry Ice obviously from Yankee although you could get them in Asda… 
    • If you have an idea of what scents they are into or any they probably have poured their hearts out over, then I would suggest going for them. I am still yet to smell this year’s range of Christmas scents and to be honest, they’re the only Yankee scents I actually like. But let’s be real, candles are the cosiest and are most likely going to be a win win.
  •  White and gold polka-dot initial mug from New Look
    • I think these are actually I really cute present (I’d definitely appreciate this) to give someone this Christmas because what beats getting cosy with your new mug filled to the brim with hot chocolate and marshmallows with your new candle and a Primark sheet mask on? Nothing. Oh and yes, obviously I picked an ‘M’ for MyGirlBlogger in the link.
  • Jack Wills winter warmer set from Boots
    • equally, you could pick up one of these from Boots instead of the mug above. It comes packed with the essentials you’ll need to have the ultimate cosy night in. It has a pink Jack Wills mug, a pair of Jack Will socks and even flipping Jack Wills hot chocolate and marshmallows. Come on, it has to taste better if it’s Jack Wills right? I can’t even tell if I’m being sarcastic right now or not but tbh it’s kinda cute so I yes from me over here.
  • 40 Firefly silver wired fairy lights from primark
    • I know for a fact that fairly lights are a lot of people’s all time favourite things and the fact that primark have made the most affordable ones are just amazing! Honestly, there are 40 on there like it’s a huge bargain.

I hope you guys liked today’s post and be sure to leave a little comment on what your favourites were in my list (to be honest I love all of them) and I’ll obviously be replying. Are you doing Secret Santa as well this year? Let me know!

Have an amazing dayyy loves,

MyGirlBlogger, Forever December xxx


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