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Hellooooooo everybody! Today I am here to hit you with another blogmas post! *gaspss*

I was watching a few DIY videos for Christmas and I thought it would be a cool idea to write out a few of my favourites and ones that I have tried before in previous years. These all are hopefully pretty easy for everyone to do and they’re are definitely fun crafts to try (they’re are fun once they’re done mind you. Don’t take my word for it…) Let’s get into it!

  • Drying Oranges
    • This is something I have never actually done and I would love to do this so much because what beats the smell of oranges? *seriously?*
    • These actually somehow look so festive and such a lovely piece of decor for Christmas trees, little garlands and even just the odd door handle. Cut thin slices of unpeeled oranges onto a baking sheet and place them in the oven on a low heat for a few hours until you are happy with them. Then string them with string of your choice!
  • Paper snowflakes
    • Don’t lie – we all made these at least 5 times *in one go*. These were like my favourite things to do when I was little and it’s actually really simple to do – because I did it.
    • All you need is paper, a circular bow, scissors and the time and energy *and possibly festive spirit* Basically trace a circle on the piece of paper (the bigger the bowl, the bigger the snowflake and vv) and cut it out. Then fold it up into quarters and cut out tiny random shapes all over it. These are so easy to make and a lovely piece of decoration for your staircases, rooms, with garlands again or just an activity to pass time with friends. Once you’re done, you can unfold it and hole punch a bit of string on to it. Why not? Don’t forget every snowflake is unique so try switching them up!
  • Bauble garland
    • literally all you need for this are a load of baubles and a long piece of string to put through the holes. I found this on Pinterest and thought it looked actually amazing and is probably one of the easiest things you could do – you’ll just need a bit of patience. You can put these up on a fireplace or up on your front door. You can have a look at it over here by the way.
  • Mason jar ‘Advent calendar’
    • This is something I saw on one of Laurdiy’s videos from last year. Your just going to need a mason jar, some gold letter stickers, a chalk board kind of sticker and mini chocolate!
    • You can write anything Christmassy on your mason jar using the gold stickers – for example you could write ‘days till Christmas’. Underneath you want to stick a small strip of the chalk sticker and write on how many days there are everyday till Christmas! Obviously no one is going to forget to fill up the jar with all their favourite sweets and chocolate to eat everyday up until Christmas. The best part is you can put in as many treats as you want!

Thank you guys for reading and as always, I hope you enjoyed reading another one of my blogmas posts! Which one of these DIYs are you willing to try and which ones have you done already? I am definitely looking forward to maybeee trying out the oranges because who wouldn’t love a bit of that?

Have a lovely day,

MyGirlBlogger, Forever December xxx


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