Merry Christmas<3

Merry Christmas Eve guys!

Wow this year has gone by pretty damn quick like wow! I can’t believe we’re already here at Christmas again.

This is no joke going to be the shortest post ever to be read on my blog. You’d probably think it should be the longest on my blog but I think New Years Eve deserves that honour. If you think about it though, at least if I do, there’s not much to say on Christmas other than have a lovely one! I mean I’m going to post this and then have a look at other posts with loads anyone could have said.

But remember, have yourself a very very Merry Christmas, eat as much as you possibly can (whether that be the whole dinner or just a little) and sing until you can’t speak. We all know Christmas is never as seen on the telly and it’s never the perfect picture on the cards you send out to family. It’s messy, it’s stressful, it’s sometimes irritating (with the singing and all) but it’s all part of the fun!

So, have a lovely Christmas (if you don’t celebrate it then have another fun filled day this holiday), relax and enjoy yourself because you’ll only get this once a year. 

I hope you have enjoyed my first blogmas and today marks the very end of it! Wow! What a way to count down the days! I have really enjoyed this and guarantee I’ll try his again next year hopefully with new and improved techniques to it. I will be back to my normal one post a week thing and my next post will be on New Years Eve and will be random days from then on! 

How are you spending Xmas period this year? And how about the New Year?

Merry Christmas to you all from MyGirlBlogger xxx

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