Sale Shopping: The Best Places To Visit

Boxing day leading into January are the best times to go to grab great deals in the best but affordable shops around. Personally, I've found fab price slashes, although I saw some PJs in New Look for £5.99, and the price had been slashed to... £5.99? Questionable much? But besides that, I did get some... Continue Reading →

My Life in 20 Questions ~ Tag

So I had just come back from school and I was looking for tags I could write about on here and stumbled upon a post from My Style and Stuff from about 3 years ago (that's what came up when I searched on Google) and thought I'd definitely love to do it too. 1. Favourite... Continue Reading →

New Year,,New Me?

Hey everyone, happy New Year! Do you believe in the saying 'New Year, New Me'? I don't. I just know it as a saying really. Like it's just something everybody seems to say every single year. I mean it's weird because you're not literally transforming into someone new every single year of your life are... Continue Reading →

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