New Year,,New Me?

Hey everyone, happy New Year!

Do you believe in the saying ‘New Year, New Me’? I don’t. I just know it as a saying really. Like it’s just something everybody seems to say every single year. I mean it’s weird because you’re not literally transforming into someone new every single year of your life are you? You’re just basically changing things to become an even better person with each year because there’s always something to improve or something new to try.

This year, even though I have only one resolution as I said in my New Years post, there are things I would like to do and achieve this year. But I thought I could put a little list together of what I’d like to do/ do better and more regularly. So they’re not really my New Years Resolution, even though my resolution is literally a life goal, but hey?

  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthy when possible
  • Drink more water
  • Keep my skin as clear as possible
  • Sleep more and in an appropriate pattern

I play netball and athletics already so that would be helpful for my goal of exercising regularly. I do tend to eat healthy whenever it’s an option, especially in school but it never stops me from eating sugary and unhealthy things. Normally people think they should be guilty for that but I’m not sure I could really ever be ashamed about it😂like I eat a lot of chocolate but I eat a lot of vegetables alongside it anddd I do a lot of sport so is that balanced?

As for water, well I drink water but I don’t drink enough. So that’s something I’d like to actually do for once. Plus, I’d also need to drink enough water as one of the things for clear skin right? I have so many spots on my forehead and although it doesn’t bother me so much, it be nice to not have them there at all.

During the Christmas Hols, it’s safe to say that I slept really late and woke up at, em, some time past 12pm like all the time. And going back to school hasn’t been the easiest sleeping wise. So I’ll just have to find different things to help me sleep properly. If you’ve got any tips or things then leave them in the comments!

That’s the end of the post and I hope you liked it! What are your New Years Resolutions? Have a fab rest of your day!

MyGirlBlogger, Forever Online xxx

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