Sale Shopping: The Best Places To Visit

Boxing day leading into January are the best times to go to grab great deals in the best but affordable shops around. Personally, I’ve found fab price slashes, although I saw some PJs in New Look for £5.99, and the price had been slashed to… £5.99? Questionable much? But besides that, I did get some bargains, and you shouldn’t miss out on them either (unless you don’t have these shops where you live, but forget that).

New Look

Okay so say we forget about that brill price slash that went on here, New Look have the cutest clothes that are now on sale (well, they were when I went last) but I got loads of t-shirts from there for around £3 each? I also grabbed a pair of pink velvety-suede sneakers that used to be £30 and got them for £8!


H&M is honestly my favourite shop and I can’t even express. But when it comes to sales, there’s not a tinge of doubt. It’s fab. I got two pairs of jeans for £3 each. All my jeans seem to be from H&M to be honest and they are really really good so I recommend! I got a pair of light blue skinny jeans (but knowing me, I forgot to check the original prices before chucking the tags in the bin) and a pair of light blue, split knee boyfriend jeans. I’ve never owned a pair of boyfriend jeans and it was actually unbelievable how comfortable yet cute they are!


We already know Primark is cheap af, but like when they have sales, you’re literally not spending a penny. I got a lot of things from Primark, but because their things are already quite cheap, not too much was actually on sale, but the things that are on sale are fab too! All I can say really is don’t stock up on Primark clothing for long term purposes because the quality won’t be on your side for long. I’m not sure about their home ware, as I haven’t really bought any from there before, but I guess it’s up to you to decide.

I hope you enjoyed reading that and maybe found somewhere to go and grab a few bits. I’m sorry if you don’t have these shops by the way. I live in England so these are a few shops I definitely have. The only shop I’m sure is literally everywhere is H&M. But either way, leave a comment if you’ve seen some good sales yet and any suggestions of where to go.

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  1. YAY! I love the sales so much , Iive in my H&M jeans! I really need to buy some more as they’re so comfy ☺️ I’ve bought some things from the Primark Homeware range and I love it! They’re always cute and trendy , obviously quality isn’t the greatest but you get what you pay for.

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