13 things before 13…

Hey everyone!

If you hadn’t noticed, or if you have just started reading my blog and you’re new here, well yeah, I’m going to be 13 this year *whoop*, yes mum, you’re old now. So I thought, why not make another list (because we love them here) of things I’d like to try and achieve before my next birthday because there are always those little bits that you wouldn’t mind doing because it’s another thing to be proud of. I thought a little about this and I even searched on Google because yes, I couldn’t think of what I wanted to do. I was hoping I could find some exciting things to try before I turn 13 but it just came up with things like ‘learn to tie a tight knot’ and ‘learn to use chopsticks’ which weren’t exactly my idea of exciting (plus I can do both things). So I’ve just decided of things I would like to do and could potentially be achieved by the end of the year, then I’ll redo this and see if I’ve achieved these things.

1. Start reading and collecting magazines

I own one magazine. One. And it actually was fun having and flicking through so I think I could actually start some sort of little ‘collection’ and maybe even make or buy a little organiser to keep them in because who doesn’t like some more decor? When I’m done with them I could recycle them making some sort of collage in a scrapbook!

2. Spend the day in the seaside

I can’t remember if I’ve done this before, and if I have, it’s been too long. Like years. So I think one of these is really needed ASAP. With summer rolling on, it’s the perfect time to do it. I could even bring a friend along to spend the day out of the house – plus the amazing photos I get…

3. Visit London again/Brighton

This one’s not really up to me and it might not even happen this year but I would love to go there again as it’s been way way to many years since I went. We were supposed to go in school last year but the time we were meant to go was the time the attack there happened so it was cancelled. I’ve never been to Brighton so I would actually be incredibly excited if we got to go there because you see everything in Zoella’s vlogs! Everything there would be recognisable, which is even better!

4. Get my nails done in a nail bar

I’ve never done this before and I’ve seen a lot of people getting they’re nails done so I thought I could try it because they actually look really cute!

5. Change up my style at least once

I tend to stick with the same ol’ same ol’ t-shirt and jeans, hoodie and jeans, jumper and jeans… and I tend to stay away from skirts and dresses if I can. Plus I don’t really wear jewellery much anymore. So I could possibly start wearing skirts (the dresses can stay where they are) and some jewellery because I have seen some really cute things around *grins*

6. Make a keep-sake box

I saw this idea on website and thought instead of making one for just summer, I can make one for the year leading up to my birthday. So I’ll print off pictures, keep any postcards or letters from 2018 (but especially from summer), I’ll find a box and wrap it in some nice wrapping paper, then keep everything in there!

7. Sew myself (or someone else) an outfit 

I mean even if I don’t get this done before I’m 13, I would definitely like to get this done someday. I think it’s so cool how you could completely personalise it if you made it yourself and you’d be so proud once you’re done! I know it would be really stressful making it but it will be definitely worth it in the end.

8. Swim in the sea

It sounds crazy that I’ve never done this before, I know. But I would really like to do this because it looks amazing (although it is potentially dangerous). We’ll see how it goes…

9. Bake a successful cake ON MY OWN

I’ve baked a cake with a lot of help before, but the last time I baked a cake on my own (2 years ago FYI) I used half a bottle of flavouring and a whole tub of butter. It started frying in the oven. Yes. I put it at the highest temperature for about 3 hours and it just sizzled the whole time. It would be nice if I could make one from scratch, on my own and actually follow a recipe.

10. Have an all-nighter with my best friend

Because why the heck not?

11. Travel abroad with my best friend

Sounds huge I know but you travel abroad in school anyways so hopefully I’d be able to go when that comes up.

12. Have my perfect bedroom

Things Like these take time and I know that it will happen someday. But if I set my goal a bit earlier, then I’m more likely to get it done, right? And if I really want it, then I’ll do it, with help or not. Although a little help would be appreciated!

13. Make every day count

Live more and worry less! Making every moment count is important and I want my last year of being a ‘child’, if you wish, to be as fab and as memorable as possible.

Let me know if you make a post like this because this was definitely fun to write. I hope you enjoyed reading that and don’t forget to leave a comment of what you’d like to achieve by your next birthday or you’d like to try the same things as me!

MyGirlBlogger, Forever Online xxx

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