Places I’d like to visit

Late night post you guysss

Hey everyone! How has your half term been? Sadly, we are going back to school on Monday but at least I’ll get to see all my mates again right?! Today, I thought I’d write yet another list of places I’d love to visit because we all have one in our phones our at the back of our minds or maybe you just want to make a list but have no idea where you’d like to go. If so then I hope this gives you a few ideas.

*checks phone*

1. Brighton

Starting with the places in my country, this is somewhere I’ve already mentioned before. I think this would be a lovely place to spend the weekend at and I’ve already heard from some of you guys that it’s as lovely as it looks!

2. Spain

Believe it or not, no, I haven’t been to Spain. But it’s definitely my no.1 place in Europe I want to visit right now. If I did go to Spain, I’d probably like to go Barcelona or Lanzarote. No reason for that but you know.

3. Italy

Who wouldn’t like to visit Italy seriously?! I bet the pizzas taste wayyy better!

4. Germany 

Technically, I’ve been here loads because we pass through Frankfurt loads when we go places so that should count!

5. Turkey

I have friends from here who and other who have been here and it seems like somwhere I need to visit ASAP. I’m coming!!

6. Brazil

Way different to the others but a couple of years ago, we learnt about Brazil as a topic and soon enough, I wanted to visit it for myself. Has anyone been here?

7. South Korea

My friends have been there and they are both like photographers-in-progress or something and they got the most stunning pictures ever and it actually looks like the most beautiful place ever! Plus the fashion there looks amazinggg

8.  Japan

Another place that just deserves to be on my special list…

9. New York/Florida

Because I want to see the Statue of Libery. I want to go to Disney World. I want to go to Times Square and like wherever else in Florida please. If anyone’s going there soon take me!!

10. India

I also have friends from here and I’ve read about India and it seems like a gorgeous place! Like the food, the clothes, the culture in general seems fantastic and I’d love to see it one day!

I hope you enjoyed reading that even though I’m posting this at like 10:30 because I needed to post😂 Leave a comment what you think of these places and which of them you have been to. In about 2 weeks it will be my 1 year Bloggiversary woohoo! I’m doing a Q&A and would love if you could leave some questions about anything for me to answer. It can be about my blog, me hobbies and favourites or whatever you like. Can’t wait to read them!

MyGirlBlogger, Forever Online xxx

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  1. That’s a nice post! 🙂 I’d love to visit the same places as you! Japan seems to be very interesting for me and its nickname – Land of the Rising Sun – is great! ❤ Yayyy! – Happy your (veryyy early) 1st Blogiversary! 😀 My questions are: 1. What's your favourite season? 2. What place/places in your country do you think is/are the most interesting, beautiful and worth visiting? 3. Why did you start blogging, did you have any inspiration? 4. Name some of your favorite bloggers. 5. What's your best childhood memory? 6. Have you got any favourite quote? 7. Cats or dogs?. Can't wait to read your answers! 😉 xx

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  2. I LOVE Turkey! I went when I was younger but I hardly remember anything. Hmm I don’t see Paris on the list (hello?? Paris is bae 😂) My question is : If you had to change your blog name, what would you change it to and why?

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