Where I’ve been

So, obviously I’ve been away for like a month and I said I wouldn’t be away for long. But then again, I guess it just depends on what you see as a ‘long’ time.

I just thought it would be a good idea to come on here and let you guys know that I’m not trying to slowly fade away from blogging or whatever and I am actually still alive.

I hadn’t been blogging because I was quite busy, and when I wasn’t, I literally had no idea what to come back on and write about. So even though I’m not posting recently, I will end up coming back on properly.

I might even change my blog to like a different type. I probably won’t actually but it’s a thought, right? Oh welll, we’ll just have to see where the future takes us!

That’s the end of my very short post but I just wanted to say what had happened to me not posting for ages.

Also if you didn’t know already, I’ve stopped using the Instagram for this blog as I posted on there because it’s not really anything I enjoy doing. Like I find it kind of boring posting on my Instagram now although I loved it when I originally started, and I don’t post on it anyways so I just thought I might as well make it official if that makes sense.

But regardless, I’m not quitting blogging. Just taking a ‘long’ break. Whatever that means to you.

MyGirlBlogger, soon online xxx

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