Merry Christmas<3

Merry Christmas Eve guys! Wow this year has gone by pretty damn quick like wow! I can't believe we're already here at Christmas again. This is no joke going to be the shortest post ever to be read on my blog. You'd probably think it should be the longest on my blog but I think New... Continue Reading →


Festive DIY ideas

  Hellooooooo everybody! Today I am here to hit you with another blogmas post! *gaspss* I was watching a few DIY videos for Christmas and I thought it would be a cool idea to write out a few of my favourites and ones that I have tried before in previous years. These all are hopefully pretty easy... Continue Reading →

How are you counting down the days?

Guys guys guys guys! It's December! IT IS DECEMBER ALREADY!!!! Can you actually believe? There are many many ways to count down to Christmas - but the old chocolate advent calendars will always stick around don't worry. And the fact you can get them for like 10p after Christmas is just amazing. I have seen... Continue Reading →

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